29Mar This is my Armour

Today was a big day for me, as I'd been invited along for my vaccine.  I woke up feeling very apprehensive, but after a few wobbles of the head I realised that I should be counting my blessings and put my big girl knickers on, so I did....

I also put a load of slap on, my funky new trainers, high waisted jeans that make my tiny 5ft 4 frame look a hell of a lot longer and Jayley heart coat that I indulgently nicked from the shop just before lockdown. 

When I arrived at AZ and dutifully joined the queue, I realised something quite astonishing.  For the first time since this latest shit show had began, I was standing  tall (for a little person) and my body posture had completely altered.  The reason? I had put an outfit together that made me feel good, that gave me confidence, that signalled who I am. I had my armour on! 

It’s always been my motto that clothes can make or break your day and I had forgotten my secret power throughout the dark days of lockdown.  Suddenly I was smiling and felt like I was back in town. I sat down for the jab and answered the questions, then when the nurse had finished I asked if she had anymore as I was so relieved to be chatting to a stranger! So she did and we talked about clothes and dogs my two favourite things and we laughed a lot! 

Thankfully we’ll be open again soon and I can be back at the place  I love, behind the counter, meeting new and faithful customers  and getting incredibly giddy over all the new stock. Bring it on. I’ve ordered myself some back to work shoes, I’ve got my outfits planned and two weeks today I’ll be packing my lunchbox Working Girl style.  I’m not going to beat myself up about dropping off the radar a bit with social media and everything else I could’ve done better, because I’ve honestly found this lockdown much harder than any of the others. As well as being as kind to others, I think we all need to be a bit kinder to ourselves. 

So thank you so much to the key workers in every industry that have helped us get through this frankly hideous time and all of the volunteers and local heroes. I’ll see you under the disco ball in the shop, we’ll play fab tunes and I want to hear all about everything while we plan your ‘no more tiers’ outfits. Let’s get back out in the world for lashings of fun, frolics and booze with friends and family. It’s been one hell of a bumpy ride.

Love Maria and the pooches x

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